Sunday, February 8, 2015

waffles and blankets

My landlord had complained that the amount of wool I am storing in my cottage constitutes a fire hazard, so I set out to use up many kilogrammes of it in one fell swoop. Step one: warp the CM with a 50-yard warp in all the warm shades of wool that were about 2/11.5 in thickness. I did this on the warping wheel and mixed colours as I went, without a structured plan.

A few threads broke while winding on, but for the most part, it was quite successful.

Threading it with an 8-shaft pointed draft lent itself to making lovely deep waffles.

One of these ended up on the only wall I have at work that isn't covered in bookshelves. Even just that amount had the effect of softening the acoustics in the room. Here's the detail:

I love the way the long floats became wiggly and distorted the grid in such a playful manner.
Here's the full view:

I then made a series of blankets, either with merino or cashmere wefts, with some waffle features at either end.

The best waffle I made had a marvelous feature yarn, hand-spun from merino tops. I had bought this yarn on the internet and loved the results so much that I got in touch with the people who had spun it, Faith and Alan Stone. Here's the yarn they made:

And this is what I did with it:

Here's the same waffle, in macro view. 

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