Monday, February 16, 2015

Knitting Hamster yarns

I have been collaborating with a spinning couple, Faith and Alan Stone, aka the Knitting Hamster ( to develop some new yarns. Most recently, I dyed some 2/16 silk in bold colours and mailed it to them to use as a core. Around this core they spun their own hand-dyed merino tops. What they came up with is magical:

This is their green merino and local wool spun around my pink and black dip-dyed silk.  Here's a detail:

Then they did a bouclé merino around my purple silk core:

And a detail:

My favourite is one they call 'wild flowers'. Here, they made flowers with some of the 2/16 silk, and incorporated those into the concoction:

 and a detail:

Hat's off to the Knitting Hamster. It will be someone else's task to take these materials to the next stage of their development. Any knitters or weavers out there who want to try?

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