Wednesday, February 4, 2015

silk skeins

Here are the skeins of silk I dyed over three sessions. They will be the warp for a huge piece of fabric I'll make on the countermarche. It will become a wall covering for a long hallway for a friend's apartment.

I'm pleased with the colors and the value range. Hand-dyed yarns have much more visual interest than commercially-dyed solids. They enliven a finished object with their subtle variations and pulses and announce the object wasn't purchased from Target. After experimenting quite a bit with weaving yarns that I have hand-dyed, I have concluded that streaky yarns, starkly dip-dyed yarns, and those containing steep value differences often look rotten in the finished object. My denouncement is not categorical, but I have generally preferred semi-solids and more subtly variegated yarns for weaving.

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