Monday, October 5, 2015

Cashmere corduroy

Starting with a ground cloth made of 2/60 silk made of about 10 different shades of green and beige, I experimented with some pile techniques: corduroy with ribs of cashmere and merino.

I bought surgical scissors with which to cut the loops open. Instead of cutting the loops under tension on the loom, I cut them after I had removed the samples from the loom. The cut pile looks like this: 
The loops are made from 6 strands of 2/28 cashmere in various colours. I mixed the colours as I went to achieve an interesting gradient. You can also see the strand of 2/16 silk in hand-dyed variegated teal, which I interspersed with the pile bundles. I will post another picture after wet finishing, when the bundles turn into rows of fluffy topiary. 

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